Arn Anderson On What He Would Have Done If Offered The Goldust Character


Arn Anderson

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Would Arn Anderson have been game to play Goldust if offered the opportunity? The Enforcer was asked just that on the most recent episode of ARN.

Being that it was an “Ask Arn Anything” edition of the show, host Conrad Thompson pitched Arn the hypothetical of Vince McMahon asking him to don the gold facepaint and blond wig as the newest controversial character to come to WWF in the mid-90s. Would Anderson have been up for shattering people’s dreams with a sultry spinebuster? Arn gave the most straightfoward answer he could:

“Four words: ‘what does that pay?’”

Conrad laughs. “I love you for that cause that’s the right answer, right? I mean, goodness, it’s the wrestling business!”

“It’s the only answer,” Arn said. “He’s gonna give me this wild ass character, if he agreed he was gonna make me some money and it would have been a little firmer than the first handshake deal that we agreed upon, brother, I’d have been fine with anything.”

Plenty of questions were pitched to Arn this past week and you can tune into them all by listening to the episode in full below:

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