AEW Drove NXT Off Of Wednesday Nights, But Now Fans Don’t Have To Decide


chris jericho

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho says AEW “won” the war against NXT, but the fans are real winners because now they don’t have to debate which show they watch on Wednesdays.

Jericho recently spoke with Forbes and talked about how they were never really concerned with what NXT was doing, but AEW ended up winning a war that they were “thrust into” by proxy.

“The reason why we won it and won it so handily, is we never worried about what anybody else was doing,” Jericho explained, “we just worried about our own show. I think the best thing about being unopposed, is now people don’t have to decide. There’s been a lot of shows that we’ve done with some great segments and some great moments that might have been missed because people were switching back and forth.”

Jericho added that just because AEW didn’t active pay attention to what NXT was doing didn’t mean they didn’t want to remain competitive.

“Of course we’re competitive. Yes, we wanted to beat NXT. Yes, we wanted to drive them screaming and yelling away from Wednesdays,” Jericho said, “and we did that.”

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