Al Snow Praises Jessie Godderz’s Development As A Wrestler, How Steve Austin And Hulk Hogan Evolved Their Styles


Al Snow spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about Jessie Godderz’s development as a wrestler and how he’s learned to connect the dots and be the same guy in and out of the ring.

Snow says Godderz, the current OVW National Heavyweight Champion, has the benefit of years of experience and now he’s putting it all together and understanding the psychology behind wrestling.

“He’s in a really good place because he’s had that experience and is young enough and physically fit enough to where all those tools can fit together and given the right opportunity, Jessie could have a great run for somebody because he’s developed, he really understands now, the who he is,” Snow explained, “and then how he can sell that not only backstage, not only down the ramp, but once the bell rings he can still sell that same person. That’s another big aspect of it.”

While explaining how Godderz is starting to connect his on and off-air persona, Snow used two legendary wrestlers as examples of knowing what to sell and what the audience came to see.

“Steve Austin was a great wrestler. He really was. I mean if you go back and you watch back when he was with Brian Pillman as the Hollywood Blondes and he wrestled completely differently than he did as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and let’s face it, if he had wrestled the same as he did as just Steve Austin, when he was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin,” Snow explained, “it wouldn’t have worked because as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the beer-drinking, ass-kicking redneck that flipped off his boss, Steve Austin wrestled like a guy that you would expect would wrestle like that.”

“Another prime example is Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan was, quite honestly, a very good wrestler. He was brought in at a time into the wrestling business when you were a reflection on and held responsible by everybody in the business for who you trained and he’s not gonna get just brought in and then be allowed to just not know what he was doing, c’mon, but he didn’t do that because you didn’t pay to see Hulk Hogan wrestle. You paid to see Hulk Hogan be Hulk Hogan and that’s the key. And Jessie, I think, has developed that sense to where he not only goes in there and he’s athletic and he’s a great performer,” Snow explained, “but he also understands how to continue to perform in that way that you still see the same person you saw backstage. There’s no disconnect from backstage to the end of the match, to backstage again. It’s one person all the way.”

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