Alberto Del Rio Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Says Legal Proceedings Prevented Him From Commenting


alberto del rio

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Alberto Del Rio is speaking publicly about the sexual assault and kidnapping charges against him, claiming that the stories that are out there about him aren’t true.

Alberto sat down with Hugo Savinovich for Lucha Libre Online and explained (via SportsKeeda) why he’s been quiet about the sexual assault allegations that were brought against him by his former partner. Del Rio (real name Jose Rodriguez Chucuan) is set to go on trial on May 3 on the charges of sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping. The accuser recanted her allegations last year, but the state of Texas is still pursuing the case as they are the only party that can actually dismiss the charges.

Alberto claims the incident in question started after he made a mistake and was unfaithful in their own home, and that led to the domestic dispute and the charges against him. He went on to confirm that his (former) partner dropped the charges and apologized, but he has been unable to comment on the case due to the legal proceedings.

“After all the scandal happened, and I was accused of what I was accused of, she dropped the charges a few weeks later. Although I was dying to tell the world that my ex-partner had dropped the charges, I was not allowed to do so so as not to interfere with the case we are handling here in San Antonio, Texas.”

Del Rio also claims that there was no kidnapping attempt due to their living situation and clarified other details that had been reported, including that there was no assault and the woman’s son was never involved because he wasn’t in the house.

“She dropped the charges; she did not just drop them; she had the courage to speak to the authorities and told them that it was for domestic violence, but that at no time was there a kidnapping because we had lived together for a long time and that there was never an assault. Sexual, that this rumor that is out there is ridiculous, about me trying to affect her son, little Matías, the boy was not even in the house.”

According to the police report filed at the time of the incident, Del Rio reportedly assaulted his partner on May 3. The woman reported the incident to police the following day, and said that he slapped her and sexually assaulted her multiple times over the course of a 16-hour period, and threatened to take her son and “drop him in the middle of the road somewhere” if she started crying over it. It was later reported that he also used restraints

Chucuan was indicted by a grand jury in San Antonio on five total charges that include four counts of sexual assault and one kidnapping charge for the incident on May 3, 2020.

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