Bad Bunny Is Favored To Beat The Miz At WrestleMania 37, Which Champion Is Most Likely To Lose Their Title?


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Bad Bunny is looking like a solid bet.

The following betting odds for WrestleMania 37 come courtesy of BetOnline (, Twitter: @betonline_ag) and it gives a better look at who is favored to win at this year’s event. Taking place over two nights, WrestleMania 37 currently sees Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley both walking away with gold, while Bad Bunny is expected to beat The Miz.

Check out the full betting odds below:

Roman Reigns (c) vs Edge

  • Roman Reigns -140 (5/7)
  • Edge EVEN (1/1)

Note: The expectation is that this will be a triple threat match involving Daniel Bryan, but that match hasn’t officially been announced. If and when that happens, the odds will be updated to include Bryan.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre

  • Bobby Lashley -115 (20/23)
  • Drew McIntyre -115 (20/23)

Sasha Banks (c) vs Bianca Belair

  • Bianca Belair -300 (1/3)
  • Sasha Banks +200 (2/1)

Asuka (c) vs Rhea Ripley

  • Rhea Ripley -200 (1/2)
  • Asuka +150 (3/2)

The New Day (c) vs AJ Styles & Omos

  • AJ Styles & Omos -160 (5/8)
  • The New Day +120 (6/5)

Randy Orton vs The Fiend

  • The Fiend -500 (1/5)
  • Randy Orton +300 (3/1)

Bad Bunny vs The Miz

  • Bad Bunny -850 (2/17)
  • The Miz +450 (9/2)

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WWE has already revealed what night some of the confirmed WrestleMania matches will air on; the designated night for the RAW Tag Team Championship match and Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman has not been announced yet.

WrestleMania 37 Night 1:

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre – WWE Championship Match

Sasha Banks (c) vs. Bianca Belair – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

The Miz vs. Bad Bunny

WrestleMania 37 Night 2:

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Edge – WWE Universal Championship Match

Asuka (c) vs. Rhea Ripley – WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match

Randy Orton Vs. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

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