Bobby Lashley Pins Braun Strowman, WrestleMania Rematch Announced For 5/10 WWE RAW


Image Credit: WWE

Bobby Lashley Pins Braun Strowman

Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman went at it to close out tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW, and in a statement victory, Bobby Lashley came out on top. In a battle of two titans of RAW, Lashley was able to overcome the sheer strength and ferocity of Strowman to walk out a winner, as he hit a nasty spear late on Strowman for the win. Following the match, though, Drew McIntyre – who was ringside for commentary – capitalized in his own way, hitting Lashley and Strowman with a Claymore to end the night and send a message to both superstars. 

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WrestleMania Rematch Announced For 5/10 WWE RAW

Drew McIntyre may have gotten the last laugh against Bobby Lashley during tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW, but next week Lashley will have a chance to retalitate. After facing off against Braun Strowman tonight, Lashley will go one-on-one with McIntyre next week, in a rematch of their epic WrestleMania 37 match. The bout will be a non-title singles match, but both superstars will likely be going at it as if everything was on the line due to the rivalry the two have developed over the past few months.


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