Bret Hart Calls WWE’s ‘Winged-Eagle’ Title ‘The Most Beautiful Belt Ever Made In Wrestling’


bret hart

Photo Credit:  Brian Bukantis- Courtesy of Arena Publishing, Co./Wrestling Revue Archives

Bret Hart has held his share of world titles and he believes that the one he carried around the most packed the biggest pizzazz.

The Hitman happened to show himself unwrapping the classic ‘winged eagle’ belt from WWE’s earlier days and had high-praise for the title he was a five-time holder of before he expressed his thought’s on the current design of the championship.

“I always thought this was the most beautiful belt ever made in wrestling. God knows why they changed it to that piece of crap that they got,” Bret stated as he unwrapped the gold he was most familiar with. “This is the pride and joy of any wrestler that appreciates championships and to much fans this is considered the real belt, the belt with real history.”

Bret also held WCW’s “big gold belt” on two occasions, one that often get praised as the belt with the best shine. WWE’s winged eagle was held by a lot of WWE’s major players throughout two separate hot eras in wrestling, a list that include Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin.

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