Bronson Reed Earns North American Title Shot After Win Against Austin Theory


bronson reed

Photo Credit: WWE

Bronson Reed indeed found “The Way” to receive his shot at the NXT North American Title. Reed went up against Austin Theory of The Gargano Family and the stakes were plenty high as if Reed won, he’d get his chance at getting another opportunity at the Championship. Reed started off hot, but with Gargano’s meddling, Theory gained control to hit a beauty of a dropkick before dominating into the commercial break.

Reed charged right back with some power moves to change the momentum of the bout and planted Theory down with a big chokeslam and followed up with a senton for a near fall. That momentum continues to change, but not for long as Reed gets another close pin attempt with a Samoan drop that lays Theory out.

Theory goes to finish Reed, but Reed plants him down to mark the score even. Matters shift when Dexter Lumis walks out to follow a distracted Indi Hartwell. Indi finds herself in the ring and it’s Lumis who pulls her out of harm’s way when Theory is charging towards them. Reed lays Theory out and hits his Psunami splash for the 1-2-3, earning him a shot at that North American strap.

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