Cameron Grimes On His ‘Kiss My Grits’ Gimmick Being Real: GameStop Blew Up And Made Me A Millionaire


cameron grimes

Photo Credit: WWE Network

Cameron Grimes‘ wealthy persona on NXT isn’t an act.

During a recent appearance on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Grimes described how he actually earned a lot of money through the stock market when GameStop and other interests became hot properties.

“I got into the stock market a little over a year ago,” said Grimes. “Stocks, to the moon is a big thing because everybody wants money, and everybody wants to put money in something and watch that money go to the moon. So then I just started using it….This isn’t a character thing at all. I was a low-income fanboy, I never had any money. So when I started to make money and I put it into my savings account, I noticed interest rate on your savings account is just awful.”

“It was crazy, they say you’re invested [in stocks]  but really, once you put your money into it, you’re invested. And all the sudden, I’m looking at stock videos on YouTube like I was watching Ring of Honor in 2008, like I was into it. And then I got lucky, and GameStop and all these things kinda blew up, and next thing you know, I’m a millionaire.”

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“I like to believe I’m a comedian [laughs] but I didn’t know how to translate that to the audience. So then I just started practicing in front of the audience and it’s the best way I could have done it. I did a couple times, I did some stand up stuff in my local town just to try to get more comfortable in talking on the mic and before I knew it, I had lost my mind and I was just saying whatever I was feeling that night and people started to kind of laugh with it and started to get along with it. And before I knew it, I just wanted to talk more than I was actually wrestling.”


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