Cedric Alexander Breaks Up With Shelton Benjamin, Angel Garza Kicks A Rose Up Drew Gulak’s Pants



Photo Credit: WWE Network

Cedric Alexander Breaks Up With Shelton Benjamin

It seems that The Hurt Business has finally gone bankrupt.

While Bobby Lashley and MVP kicked Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin out of the group weeks ago, the latter pairing tried to make it as a tag team on WWE RAW. But after another loss, Alexander snapped and gave up on his partner.

Alexander insulted Benjamin’s pattern of losses and wasted opportunities. He made it abundantly clear that he’s done with Benjamin. Just a few short months ago, the duo reigned supreme as the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions. Now, Benjamin and Alexander are going separate ways.

Angel Garza Kicks A Rose Up Drew Gulak’s Pants

You read that right. This week on WWE RAW, during a confrontation with Drew Gulak, Angel Garza threatened to stick a rose where the shine doesn’t shine. He followed through with the warning after he defeated Gulak in a singles match. After the bell, Garza jammed the rose down Gulak’s pants and kicked it up his nether regions.

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