Daniel Bryan Wins Elimination Chamber Match, Earns Universal Title Shot


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Photo by Shivam Saxena/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Daniel Bryan has earned a shot at WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

At WWE Elimination Chamber, Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, King Corbin and Sami Zayn clashed in the steel structure to earn the opportunity.

Daniel Bryan and Cesaro began the match. They have battled a few times in recent weeks on WWE SmackDown, and Cesaro made Bryan tap out in their last encounter. With this familiarity, the two stars matched each other’s every move.

Corbin entered the match third, and he took the fight to Cesaro. He used the surroundings of the Elimination Chamber to inflict punishment on Cesaro and Bryan. The Swiss Superman rallied, but Corbin maintained control. He slammed Bryan knee-first into a pod twice. Corbin continued to dominate for a few minutes, and then Zayn entered the match.

Zayn closed himself in his pod, reluctant to join the battle. But Cesaro entered his pod and brought him out of it. The Swiss Superman delivered some stiff uppercuts to his former ally. Later, Zayn went for a Helluva Kick, but Bryan moved, so Zayn crashed into the pod leg-first.

Zayn eventually climbed onto a pod, and Cesaro followed him. Both men battled on the steel mesh of the chamber, and Cesaro sent Zayn crashing to the floor. Cesaro then did some pull-ups on the top of the chamber. A few minutes later, he made Corbin tap out to the Sharpshooter.

Owens entered the match, and Zayn tried to convince him to work alongside him. Owens rejected him and slammed him head-first into the pod. He squared off with Owens and Bryan and dished out a few cannonballs. The match broke down into chaos, and all four men were down after a finisher exchange.

Finally, Uso entered the chamber, and Owens attacked him right away. Owens then hit a Moonsault off a pod onto everyone. He hit Cesaro, Bryan, and Zayn with Stunners. Owens pinned Zayn to eliminate him. Uso brutally trapped Owens’ arm between the chamber walls, kicked him in the face and pinned him.

Cesaro hit his Swing on Uso and sent him crashing into the cage wall. A few minutes later, Cesaro modified his Swing to target Cesaro’s knee. But Uso caught Cesaro by surprise and eliminated him with a Frog Splash. He then got a near fall with a Frig Splash on Bryan. Uso climbed onto a pod and went for a Frog Splash, but Bryan blocked it.

Bryan then hit the running knee for the win.

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