Isaiah Scott Defeats Leon Ruff In Falls Count Anywhere Match After Assistance From AJ Francis


Leon Ruff Isaiah Scott

Photo Credit: WWE / USA Network

There wasn’t any “swerve” when it came to Isaiah Scott having the favor in his falls count anywhere match against Leon Ruff. Scott came out victorious in his bout against the smaller, leaner Ruff and he was quite dominant to start the match off. Ruff happened to have his moments as he did elude some of Scott’s attempts, but it was Swerve who stayed on top of things. He laid Leon out hard with a solid superplex from up top and kept his swagger throughout the majority of the contest. Ruff displayed some underdog moments as he laid into Swerve to keep him on his heels such as shoving Scott into a stage pillar and getting a near fall after a senton dive. Scott also avoided another pin attempt after Ruff rattled him with a crucifix bomb from up top. Ruff stayed with that momentum by nailing Scott with a reverse hurricanrana off the apron.

That aforementioned swagger was spoken into being by Scott right before he caught Ruff with a falcon arrow on the outside. Ruff stuck Scott with the corner of a toolbox to set Swerve up for a frog splash and a near fall. He secured Scott in a leg lock, but Scott freed himself. That only set him up for a cutter and a topple to the outside. The ending came when AJ Francis dropped Ruff from a dive off the production set. Scott hits Ruff with his finisher in the ring for the 1-2-3.

Post-match, Scott celebrated with his entourage.

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