Jeff Jarrett Excited To Tell The Story Behind The Story With ‘My World’


Jeff Jarrett is looking back on his career with a new perspective and he’s excited to share it with everyone through ‘My World’.

Jarrett recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard about his new podcast, ‘My World with Jeff Jarrett’ on AdFreeShows. Jarrett has been asked about hosting a podcast for some time, but says now was the right moment because the pandemic allowed him to reassess some things, including his mindset where he focused more on moving forward instead of looking in the rear-view mirror.

“I’ve reflected on that as of late, and I think sort of my upbringing in the early territory days, no matter how good of a television show or an angle or a match you have on Saturday morning, the following week, you had to do it again. Yes you need to learn from the past and learn from your mistakes,” Jarrett said, “but my mindset has always been to move it forward and [learn] ‘how can I get better’ and ‘how can I innovate do things differently.’”

Jarrett says he used to see telling wrestling stories as something he’d share on the road or locker room, not on the air. Citing a number of reasons for changing his perspective, including how people consume content and how the business has changed, Jarrett has a new home with co-host Conrad Thompson and AdFreeShows that allows him to give fans a new perspective that perhaps wasn’t an option before.

“It’s truly, ‘let’s take an event and [tell] the story behind the story.’ I’m a huge basketball fan and [the Michael Jordan documentary] ‘The Last Dance’ and watching that last year—really seeing the ins and outs and I loved Michael Jordan in the 90s—so watching the ‘The Last Dance’ and the whole story of what went into that entire dynasty fascinated me. So, the stories behind the stories is something that I feel now the time’s right to celebrate 35 years in the business,” he explained, “and I’m ready to dive in and tell those stories, the good, the bad and the ugly.”

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“My World” is not only the title of the new show, but it’s also the title of Jarrett’s entrance theme song used during his TNA Wrestling career. While he’s known for his in-ring skills, guitars and catchphrases, music has also played an important role in Jarrett’s career. Whether it was “With My Baby Tonight” being at the center of a storyline in WWF (or its revival on Something To Wrestle) or “My World” setting the tone for him in TNA, Jarrett talked about why music plays an integral role in his own career and the wrestling business as a whole.

“We’re in the business of emotion. Period. Yes, it’s very athletic, that goes without question, you have to be an athlete, but the best athletes aren’t the best wrestlers. It’s the ones who can connect emotionally, and The Rock is the perfect example. Even as ‘The Nation of Domination’ version of The Rock, he connected emotionally. Music is an art form, wrestling is an art form,” Jarrett said, “but you connect emotionally. They say 75% of all communication is non-verbal, so that means there’s an emotional component to whatever it may be, so music sets the tone for so many things.”

“The other parallel that I try to draw out of music when it relates to wrestling is—what makes a number one hit? Everyone wants a number one hit, well is it the singer or the song? I’ve given this analogy over and over and over — you can’t have a number one without a great song, but you also have to have a great performer, those two together. So, in our business to have a great storyline, you have to have the right players in the right position with the right story with the right promotion with the right marketing around it. There’s so many different components. If you try to live on an island, you’d fail quickly, so music and the emotional component of it,” Jarrett noted, “yes, it has played a part for me for a long, long time.”

My World will dive into Jarrett’s career, a large part of it being spent as the founder of TNA and as an on-air talent. When speaking about what he wants his legacy in TNA to be, Jarrett hopes people see how they turned a dream into a very successful company, and it was a very rewarding and great time in his life.

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