JJ Garrett Pukes In The Ring During GCW Acid Cup 3 (Video)


Collective GCW

Game Changer Wrestling’s The Collective Remix began today … but probably not in the way the company wanted it to.

The second event of the day was Day 1 of the Acid Cup 3 tournament. It saw several late-replacements due to travel issues, which led to many unprepared wrestlers jump into action in their stead. One such wrestler was JJ Garrett, who has appeared on All Elite Wrestling Dark, and had already wrestled earlier that day. While Garrett didn’t win his match, he did have a memorable moment after he vomited inside the ring

Check out the video below:

Obviously, the match was stopped after the incident and wrestlers in future matches had to wrestle around a gross puke spot. Thankfully, Garrett is just fine and explained as much on Twitter.

“Puked in the ring for the first time ever today. Thank you all for checking in on me, just got overheated and chugged too much water before the match,” Garrett explained.

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