Josh Alexander Wins X-Division Title At IMPACT Rebellion


There’s a new X-Division Champion in IMPACT Wrestling, and his name is Josh Alexander.

In the first match on the historic IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion pay-per-view, Ace Austin defended the IMPACT X-Division Championship against Alexander and TJP. But in the end, Alexander pinned Austin to win the title.

Right away, all three men took the fight to each other with their distinct offensive styles. TJP gained the advantage early on, but an impressive dive over the ropes gave Austin the upper hand.

When TJP went to the outside to recover, Alexander grounded Austin. A few minutes later, Alexander floored both of his opponents with a double superplex.

When TJP took control for a minute, Madman Fulton tripped him up to derail his momentum. Alexander kept fighting, determined to emerge victorious, and he trapped Austin in an ankle lock. TJP broke it up with a Mamba Splash, but Fulton broke up the pin.

TJP fought Fulton at ringside, and the distraction seemingly gave Austin a chance to win the match. But instead, Alexander pinned him with the Divine Intervention to earn the victory.

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