Josh Barnett Wins Bloody War Against Jon Moxley At Bloodsport 6


There is no quit in Jon Moxley and he wants a rematch against Josh Barnett.

The former AEW World Champion made his third appearance at GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6 tonight, and he faced the head honcho himself. This marked the first time that mixed martial arts legend Josh Barnett wrestled since appearing at the first two events. With a time limit draw against Minoru Suzuki and a win over Chris Dickinson, Barnett was certainly one of the men to beat in the brand. In Moxley’s previous appearances, he defeated Dickinson in his debut and most recently knocked out Davey Boy Smith Jr. at Bloodsport 5.

Both men came out swinging on the fight with Moxley’s punches more wild in nature to Barnett’s composed blows. Barnett would take Moxley down and get into side control. Moxley would reverse position and lock in an armbar. Barnett would get out of the submission, which led to Moxley taking the MMA fighter’s back.

Barnett would look for a kneebar, which eventually led to the fight going back to the feet. Barnett would get busted open after taking a knee to the face, and Moxley’s wild nature was shown as he bit his opponent. With both men covered in blood, Barnett would get back to grappling and landed down some huge strikes from top position that left Mox grotesquely cut from an elbow.

With both men completely bloodied up, Moxley looked for a Paradigm Shift. However, Barnett countered and hit a Death Valley Driver. After stomping on Moxley’s head the fight was stopped by the referee. After the bout, Moxley argued with the referee but didn’t have his legs under him. Barnett praised Moxley after the fight and said they are here to fight from their hearts.

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