Magogo: Fufa President denies having differences with former Uganda stars Azira, Wasswa and Onyango


The trio has retired from international assignments and some have faulted the administrator

The Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa) President Moses Magogo has denied having differences with Hassan Wasswa, Denis Onyango, and Micheal Azira that led to their retirement from Uganda Cranes.

The trio has announced their retirement from international football, opting to focus on their clubs. Pressure is now turning to the Fufa head who days ago had stated the players who represented the country in the African Nations Championship did not deserve to get paid for their poor displays.

Many believe it contributed to the decisions made by the aforementioned players, but the administrator has stated otherwise.

“You can choose what to say, but the fact is I have enjoyed a different but personal relationship with Wasswa (33), Onyango (35), and Azira (33) beyond football,” Magogo said on Thursday.

“Whereas it is the norm for players to retire from the national team at this age and have a few more years for club football, it does not take away the emotions of retirement. As a serious administration, we indeed saw this reality coming and planned for it.

“As anyone who has played football, that moment comes when only you feel how you feel. When the body and the mind get a conversation, then the inevitable difficult decision comes. If you refuse to take a hard decision, the decision takes itself.”

Of the three players, Azira was the latest one to announce his retirement and the Fufa head has said he was aware of it since he had made his intentions known after the 1-0 loss away to Malawi in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

“[Azira] has been the most professional footballer I have worked with; dedicated to instructions, rules, and helping young players on and off the field etiquette of a professional footballer,” Magogo continued.

“Mike told me his wish to retire in Malawi immediately after the game and I told him, let the heat of the loss subside then you can take the decision. Thank you for listening to me.

“I thank Mike for that conversation at the airport in Blantyre that opened my mind that it is time for young players to take over as room is being created by the retiring player.”

Magogo has further wished the player the best, hinting a chance to work with the team in the future is open.

“That stellar performance against Ghana Afcon 2017 in Gabon stands out in the many outings you did. Mike is a historical midfielder and this earns him the opportunity to opt for a testimonial match.

“I pray your club career continues and those coaching badges get done so that you can be retained by the game after.”    


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