Mick Foley Receives First COVID-19 Vaccination


Mick Foley

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Mick Foley, one of wrestling’s biggest voices in advocating compassion, consideration and caution when it comes to COVID-19, is now one shot away from being fully vaccinated.

The Hardcore Legend went on social media to share with fans as to how simple it was for him to set up and receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Foley included a video of him receiving his very first shot and was sure to give Walgreen’s “the rub” as his stop for administration.

“MY FIRST COVID SHOT! One down, one to go. It was easy and almost painless too,” Foley Tweeted.

Mick happened  to be one of pro wrestling’s biggest proponents at keep yourself (and others) safe as the pandemic swept the globe in 2020 and like many, he remained quarantined for the better part of the year. Foley happened to contract COVID-19 at the beginning of 2021 and his symptoms from the virus lingered well into late January.

“You can’t think clearly, easily fatigued then perhaps worst of all, or maybe worst of all, the loss of strength is incredible,” Foley said in a video at the time before later giving fans some optimism and hope for things to come.

“I want to warn you, just urge you to look out for each other and believe me, you don’t want to catch this, it sucks. Look out for each other, stay safe. Very soon, we all will have nice days.”

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