Report: WWE Sold 40,806 WrestleMania 37 Tickets, Generated $6.2 Million In Revenue


wwe wrestlemania 37 stephanie mcmahon

Photo Credit: WWE

As per usual, WWE slightly exaggerated their WrestleMania live attendance number.

According to Tampa Sports Authority’s records via Wrestlenomics, WrestleMania’s two-night show saw 18,328 fans attend night one on Saturday, and night two on Sunday saw a slight increase with 18,924 fans attending the event which totals 37,252 fans across both nights.

The report goes on to show that there were more tickets sold to the event than actual fans that attended the shows, as night one reportedly sold 20,172 tickets and night two sold 20,634 tickets. WWE initially announced that 25,675 people attended each night of the event for a total of 51,350 fans.

Revenue for both nights’ attendance came in at $6.2 million, with night one selling $3.058 million in admission and night two bringing in $3.187 million.

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