Ring Of Honor’s Joe Koff Doesn’t Expect Fan-Attended Shows Until Late 2021


Joe Koff - Ring Of Honor

Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Joe Koff says Ring Of Honor is talking about the process of bringing fans back, but doesn’t expect it to happen soon.

Koff recently spoke with SoloWrestling and was asked about the potential for fans returning to Ring Of Honor events this year. Koff said that it’s in discussion, but he doesn’t anticipate fans being on-hand for tapings until the end of the year. He noted that Final Battle is more likely, and hopes they can also find a way to include HonorClub members when they do finally invite people back.

“We’re talking about it. I think it will probably be towards the back-half of the year. It won’t be in May, I know that. I don’t even think it will be in July, but I think maybe as we get towards Final Battle [in December] and those key shows, we’re going to think about it. We need to think about how we want to bring in fans and who those fans should be. You know, we have Honor Club, which are our stalwarts, and I’d like to figure out a way to do something with them because they stuck with us through this whole thing and I want to make sure they understand how much we appreciate them. We’re talking about it. 

In another portion of the interview, Koff also spoke about the benefits of not having a crowd at events this year, noting that there was a conscious effort to prevent spoilers. He explained that no employees or talent let any details out, and achieving that level of discretion in 2021 is something he’s proud of.

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