Rob Van Dam: The Odds I Have A One-Off Match In WWE Are Just As Good As Going Against It


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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Rob Van Dam weighs in on potentially having one more match in WWE.

RVD was a recent guest on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves and talked about his relationship with the company in recent years. One of this year’s WWE Hall Of Fame inductees, RVD says he’s always been on good terms with Vince McMahon, even when there were rumblings that he wasn’t.

“Being back in WWE I’ve always gotten along great with Vince, even when the rumors were that I had heat with other administration or whatever. I’ve always gotten along with Vince so I never worried about it. Now I feel like being accepted in, being under their umbrella,” RVD said, “I’m proud that everybody realizes that now. To be back in really means everything, especially at this point in my career where I’m not looking to do that much more.”

Despite being in the company’s good graces (and the calls from fans that he finishes his in-ring career with WWE), Rob Van Dam says the odds of it happening are just as good as it not coming to fruition.

“I go with the flow of the universe. I don’t know how to put odds on that. If you’re talking about a one-off or something that’s not full time,” RVD explained, “I would think there’s probably just as good odds going for it as going against it.”

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The full episode with Rob Van Dam is available below:


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