Sasha Banks Explains Why She Never Liked The Divas’ ‘Butterfly’ Title


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Photo Credit: WWE

Sasha Banks has a lot of chemistry with Charlotte Flair, and she recently revealed that it was evident the first time they clashed in developmental. During her recent appearance on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Banks described her history with “The Queen” and pointed out the parallels of their paths to WWE.

“We were real-life friends, and then it became a little competitive,” said Banks. “I’m like okay, I see your last name and I’m going to raise it up. I’m going to build my own. I’m so thankful for Charlotte Flair because the first week that I went to FCW, I locked up with her. And I’ve never locked up with somebody like the way I locked up with her.

“It was the most crisp, holy—like even the coaches were like, from a lock-up, everyone kind of stopped. And I was like shook, I was like, you’re my kind of magic partner. We’re going to create a lot of freaking magic. And it’s so cool because again, we go back to WrestleMania when I was 16 at WrestleMania Orlando,” Banks explained, “Charlotte Flair’s there too, front row, watching her dad retire. Now we fast-forward, and now me and her create so much history together. It’s really freaking insane.”

“The Boss” also described why she always disliked the butterfly design of the WWE Divas Championship. She stated that the men would never have a title that looked like that championship.

“I used to get a lot of flack for it back in the day because I don’t know if I used to say it right, but I never loved the butterfly title,” said Banks. “Would [Steve Austin] be wearing that? No. Would Roman Reigns wear it? No. Would John Cena? Exactly. Period. So don’t treat us any different.”

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