Sean Waltman Previews His 2021 WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony Experience


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Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Sean Waltman noted in his newest podcast that there were no inductors for the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year, but just video packages showcasing the inductees.

Waltman’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast debuted on April Fool’s Day and without giving everything away, the now two-time WWE Hall Of Famer gave listeners and co-host Nick Hausman a little information regarding his experience at this year’s festivities. He noted that they all took a COVID test before arriving at the building early the next day for the ceremony.

“We did a lot of sitting around for awhile and then once things started going they went quick,” Sean said. “We started taking the pictures, doing the rehearsal which the rehearsal was just walking through just to get positions, I guess,” he said. He was thankful for the benefit of the ceremony being pre-recorded. “If you flubbed your line or whatever, you could just re-do it. ‘Hey, take-two,’ and do it again and then chop it up, edit, they’re the best at that. No one’s better than the WWE at that.”

“I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I did take two more than once during the speech,” Sean said laughing. Hausman asked about how they started off the NWO’s induction and Waltman noted there were no inductors this year.

“There were none,” said Waltman. “Jerry Lawler was out there hosting like he normally would and then it would go to a video package, you know? It was almost like the video package was the [inductor].”

The possibility of Sean still getting inducted as a singles competitor popped up, but Waltman would rather see other talents get the opportunity to have their moment in the spotlight.

“I’m happy with these two right here, There’s so many people that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame that will never make it because there’s so many slots per year. Like let somebody else have it, man.”

What was Waltman’s favorite moment of the whole experience?

“William Shatner,” Waltman said straight out. “I don’t know if you remember like he did that album where he said the words to songs? God, I can’t give it away, anyways, it was a play on that and it was great. I love it.”

Sean did see Vince McMahon afterwards for pictures, but it wasn’t him running the program, but rather Triple H and John Lauranitis. “Paul was, Paul was doing all that,” Sean said.

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

You can hear the debut episode of Pro Wrestling 4 Life below which also includes Waltman interviewing Ric Flair:

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