Steve Austin Refused To Miss His WrestleMania XIX Match With The Rock Despite Being Hospitalized The Same Day


Steve Austin

Photo Credit: WWE

Ahead of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s “Biography” special (which airs Sunday, April 18 on A&E), the WWE Hall of Famer discussed the documentary with Entertainment Weekly.

In one highlight, Austin shared some new details about the unforgettable day of his final match. On March 30, 2003, the same day of his WWE WrestleMania XIX clash with The Rock, “Stone Cold” had to go to the hospital, a trip that could have forced him to miss the show.

“That was an interesting day at the office,” Austin said. “I was at the gym with Kevin Nash and my reflexes were very touchy that day. We were on recumbent bicycles and my feet kept twitching. I didn’t think anything of it. I left Nash and went to my room on the 27th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and right before the elevator opened, my heart started beating out of my chest.”

Austin stated that he heart was beating “about 160 or 180 beats per minute,” so he sought a WWE employee for help.

“The Texas Rattlesnake” then described the root of the issue and explained that he was overcaffeinated and sleep-deprived. Consumption of alcohol worsened the symptoms, but Austin recalled how he didn’t wait for clearance to leave the hospital.


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