Ted DiBiase Says He’ll Be Doing Work With NXT’s Cameron Grimes Soon


Ted DiBiase is about to take it to the moon.

DiBiase recently spoke with Booker T and said he’s going to be traveling to Florida to do some work with NXT’s Cameron Grimes soon. DiBiase, who last appeared on WWE TV at the 2019 RAW Reunion, said (via POST Wrestling) that he scheduled to go down to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to do some work with Grimes in the near future.

“As a matter of fact, I’m supposed to go down to the developmental center pretty soon. I think I’m gonna do something with that new guy, their new money guy, Cameron Grimes or something. I’m gonna have a little feud with him.”

DiBiase didn’t go into any more detail about what he’d be doing with Grimes, but the NXT star has been doing a “millionaire” gimmick as of late. Since returning to NXT TV in February, his character got rich on Gamestop stock and Dogecoin investments, and even tried to pull a scam on NXT talents inspired by DiBiase.


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