The Pinnacle Is History In The Making, Could Produce The Greatest WarGames Match With The Inner Circle



Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

According to MJF, All Elite Wrestling fans are watching history unfold before their very eyes every time The Pinnacle is on the screen.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, MJF discussed how, in some ways, the formation of AEW’s newest stable is modernizing the classic Four Horsemen faction.

“I wanted to take something that was old and put a modern-day spin on it,” said MJF. “It’s incredible to me that we are so talented that we have Wardlow in a Big Bubba Rogers position. He’s gigantic and a freak athlete. FTR is the best tag team in the world. I’m also so excited for the world to see Shawn Spears. He’s never received the proper spotlight, but now people are going to recognize how incredible he is.”

The Pinnacle was born out of a direct mission to take out the Inner Circle, so many fans are already anticipating to see an all-out war between the two stables. In the interview, MJF said that if that battle happens in the WarGames setting, it would be unrivalled.

“Those old-school WarGames matches, they are absolutely incredible spectacles,” said MJF. “If Inner Circle-the Pinnacle does happen, it would be the best version ever of that.”

Other AEW stars, like MJF’s former ally Chris Jericho, have praised the company’s utilization of long-term storytelling. Likewise, MJF pointed out how the origins of The Pinnacle reach back to last summer.

“Their story has been in motion for the last seven months,” said MJF. “After I beat Griff Garrison in a match last year, I grabbed the microphone and told the world that if I had a group, if I had a faction, if I had people watching my back, I’d be the world champion. That thought, clearly, hasn’t escaped me.”

MJF also described how The Pinnacle is the next step in his evolution, and he plans to capture the AEW World Championship to finally prove that he’s better than everyone, and he knows it.

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