Tony Khan Assesses Current Wrestling Landscape: ‘It’s Us Against Them’


Tony Khan

Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tony Khan was once again on this week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, where he previewed the upcoming AEW Revolution pay-per-view, as well as took an assessment on the current landscape of wrestling as a whole. 

“I thought this was the perfect time to give an assessment on the pro wrestling industry and where we all stand. IMPACT, we might argue but the truth is we’re on the same side,” he said. “You’re one of us. New Japan, they’re one of us. AEW, obviously, is us. It’s us against them and I don’t have to tell you who they are. At IMPACT, before there was an AEW you were a leader in this whole thing, but that time has passed. I’m the captain now, IMPACT. But I’m a strong leader. I’m firm but I’m fair.”

After the talk, Khan detailed some of what fans can expect at Revolution, which is set to take place on March 7, 2021, and will air on B/R Live. 

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