‘Worse than snakes’ – Karren Brady reveals fury of Premier League clubs at breakaway Super League six


The failed Super League project has caused widespread anger, with West Ham’s vice-chairman having lost trust in the clubs involved

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady has revealed that the chief executives of the six breakaway Premier League clubs were labelled “worse than snakes” at a fiery meeting.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham were part of the breakaway Super League that collapsed this week after a widespread backlash.

The other 14 Premier League clubs held an emergency meeting on Tuesday prior to the collapse of the Super League, and Brady has revealed condemnation of the six was unanimous and vehement.

What was said?

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin  described some of the bosses of the breakaway clubs as “snakes”, and Brady has said the language at the Premier League meeting was a notch above that tone.

“I watched four of the six give apologies to their fans and players for being part of the money cartel and wondered where the apology was to their colleagues in the Premier League, as well as all our managers, players and fans,” Brady wrote in the Sun.

“The crime was great. All six clubs pretended to be working for the best interests of the Premier League they were plotting to destroy. No wonder UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin called them snakes.

“At last Tuesday’s meeting of the other 14 clubs, I can assure you they were called worse.”

Trust eroded

Brady continued by saying the six clubs broke the bond of the Premier League and does not feel they can be trusted to represent English football again.

“Trust has been vanquished,” Brady said. “In future, how could my board ever ask one of them to represent the best interests of the PL and West Ham on a committee or working group?”

A spicy London derby

West Ham play host to Chelsea in the Premier League on Saturday and after protests at Stamford Bridge, Tottenham and Arsenal in recent days, it will be interesting to see what reception greets the Blues in east London.

Covid-19 restrictions will limit the number of officials at the London Stadium, so awkward conversations may be avoided between the clubs’ top brass for now.

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